About Us

Growing Like a Weed (GLW) is a Washington i502 Tier 2 producer/processor of cannabis products.
GLW was established in 2014 by local area experienced craftsmen who's goal is to set the bar, with the highest quality cannabis products in market. The owners have worked in the Spokane market and understand the quality our local area customers have come to expect.
GLW's growing process allows the flexiblity to reach a wide variety of different customers. This includes those who appreciate a clean and consistent flavor and for those who prefer a distinctive type of experience. We have a diverse line of products to fit those needs and everything inbetween.

GLW’s cannabis products are backed by a collective 20 years of growing, farming, and flavor experience, offering high quality, reliable cannabis products and service
GLW's growing process includes, hand mixed soil, brewed compost tea, worm castings, molasses, and other beneficial bacterias for a more natural approach.
The compost tea is a combination of plant nutrients that includes but are not limited to humic acid, many different forms of bacillus, and Trichoderma, glomus, and the cannabis plants are treated with the all-natural tea providing plants with extra nutrients.
GLW has cultivated their own cannabis recipe that has been adjusted to perfection over the last decade.
GLW's Signature Compost Tea: Working it's Magic